We offer anything from a puncture repair to gear adjust or a full service.  Just ask for a quote.

Basic service From £40

This covers a clean down, safety check. The chain, cassette, chainrings & derailleurs checked for wear, cleaned and lubed. Gears & brakes are adjusted, lubed and cables replaced where necessary.

Headset, bottom bracket, hub bearing checked & adjusted.

Any extra work will be quoted for e.g.wheel truing, suspension servicing, replacement of worn parts & a more detailed service.

Safety check (MOT style) & clean & lube £20

Puncture repair £10, both £15

inc. tube

Replace tyre £5

Gear indexing & adjust £10

Chain/ Cassette/Chainring replacement £15

Brakes from £10

Rim brake adjustment £10

Brake pad adjusment £10

Hydrualic brake bleed £18, both £30.

Bottom braket adjust £18

Hub bearing service £18

Headset service £18

Wheel truing from £10, full build £35

Build from box £35

Checking for any defects, setting up, adjusting & lubing where necessary.

Parts are quoted for seperately but fitting is included in the price of the parts.

These are guideline prices all jobs can be quoted for individually.

There is a minimum fee of £10 in Ulverston area, £20 after 5 miles. Bikes can be brought to the workshop for the above quoted rates. Further afield work may incur a higher price, please ask.

For multiple, corporate & regular maintenance work please get in touch.